"A friend said to me one day,"We only live once."

I replied, "You're wrong. We only die once. We live every day."

Jamie Morgan Bey

2 Time International Speech Contest Winner  Inspirational Speaker  Author Voice Over Talent Certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultant  Humanitarian 

Jamie Morgan Bey...

"If you want to win in the game of life the best team

to have is your family."

  Jamie Morgan Bey is a 2 Time International Speech Contest Winner. He's also an Inspirational & Motivational Speaker, Author, Certified Nutrition Consultant, Voice Over Artist and Humanitarian. He is  also a Master of the Afrikan Brazilian martial art, Kapoeira Angola.

    Having traveled throughout Africa, Asia & Brazil brings unforgettable and special memories that will last a lifetime. However, it wasn't just the 'beautiful landscapes or the diverse cultures that caught his attention—it was the poverty. "I was perplexed trying to understand how a continent that's so mineral rich produce such poverty?" Jamie ventured to Africa with celebrities Chris Tucker, Bono & US Secretary Treasury Paul O'Neil. Our mission was to examine the effects of aids and dirty water in South Africa, Ghana, Egypt, Ethiopia and Uganda. "It changed the way that I viewed the world. I knew I had to help--it was my honor." The mission was led by the Secretary Of State to the President of the United States. That  experience inspired me to give my time and energy towards humanitarian causes. Shortly after returning home, I joined the Well Being Foundation. With members from all around the world, we experienced the magical moments of building a Water-Well in a Maasai village in Kenya. We believe that It's every human beings right to have access to clean and fresh water. Through water life is given and the world is transformed.

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I Ate My Way Back To HealthJamie M. Bey

Jamie Morgan Bey is a member of (EACH) Foundation, East African Children Healthcare, located in Sagamaganga, Tanzania.  Our mission is providing healthcare for the children in the village.

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"I ate my way BACK to HEALTH,

          So Can You" 

 How I ate my way through a         Brain Tumor 

 *Forwarded by Dr. Myles Munroe        (BFM  INTL.)