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Jamie Morgan Bey...




     Jamie Morgan Bey hosts a variety of disciplines to his credit. With over thirty five years in the Entertainment Business, he has worked with some of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood. Such personalities like Chris Tucker, Eddie Murphy, Michael Jackson and Rachelle Ferrell top his A-list. After re-locating from Los Angeles now living in Atlanta, he freelanced in network news and television production for several years. Some of his credits include; Oprah, The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, Tom Joyner Morning Show, The Discovery Channel, America’s Most Wanted, The Jackson’s Special, BET’s Access Granted, ABC’s Presidential Debates, Good Morning America, Barbara Walters, Fox Sports, Nascar, Super Bowl 34 and Championship Boxing.

     Currently, Jamie Morgan Bey is a 2 Time International Speech Contest Winner. He's also a Voice Over Talent who does Voice Overs for radio and television commercials and documentaries.  His booking agent is Houghton Talent Agency, in Atlanta, Ga.

      Several years ago, Jamie had undergone Brain surgery to remove a rare tumor. He experienced blindness and had an Out-of-body experience. The story to his recovery is both inspirational and motivational. Today, he is healthier than ever! His 1st edition book, “I ate my way BACK to HEALTH…So Can You,” is s compelling story of courage and triumph. It's the story about one mans struggle to survive in a world of uncertainties. “I was alone and afraid. I became so depressed that I planned my own funeral.”  Attending Physician Neurosurgeon Sanjay Gupta MD, along with a skilled team of medical doctors were instrumental in his recovery. 

​                            ***The 2nd Edition of his new book is NOW available! 

       "This book will possibly become a CLASSIC in This and the Next Generation" - Dr. Myles E. Munroe              


      Helping others and making this world a better place is my duty and obligation.  

Being a former member of The Well Being and Foundation, the mission to build a water well to improve the quality of life in a Masai village was a huge success! My belief is that it's every human beings right to have access to clean & fresh water. Through water life is given and the world is transformed. 

   As a member of EACH Foundation (East African Children Healthcare), located in Sagamaganga Tanzania, our mission is saving and improving the quality of life through healthcare.

                   "Even though life isn't always tied with a bow, it's still a precious gift."

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