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“The History of Capoeira in the United States”

The African American Contribution - Written by Jamie Morgan Bey

Capoeira de Angola is a traditional Afrikan art form. During the Atlantic slave trade Capoeira traveled to Brazil where it became an outlawed martial art. Law 487 forbidded the practice of Capoeira where death was the consequence. The government used the practitioners of Capoeira as front-line troops in the war against Paraguay, where over 65,000 African-Brazilians died. After the abolition of slavery in 1888 it still remained outlawed. Today Capoeira is a part of Brazilian society and practiced all around the world. This book is the fundamental history of the roots and how it flourished, with the African American Contribution. The untold true story!


Author Jamie M. Bey

Jamie Morgan Bey Ate His Way Back to Health! So Can You! Several years ago, Jamie had undergone Brain surgery to remove a rare tumor. He experienced blindness and had an outer body experience. The story to his recovery is inspirational and motivational. Today, he is healthier than ever!

His book, “I ate my way BACK to HEALTH…So Can You,” is a compelling story about one man’s struggle to survive in a world of uncertainties. “I was alone and afraid. I became so depressed that I planned my own funeral.” Attending Physician Neurosurgeon Sanjay Gupta MD, along with a skilled team of medical doctors, successfully put him back on the road to recovery.


Based on a true story about a young man's love between Ming, a five hundred pound Tiger and Al, a six feet alligator.

Antoine Yates, aka “Tigerman” raised a five hundred pound Bengal Tiger named Ming and an eight foot alligator named AL, in his Harlem New York City apartment. As a child,  Antoine grew up fatherless on  the mean streets of Harlem, with sixty brothers and sisters. Antoine raised over three-hundred and fifty different species of animals, ranging from reptiles, alligators, primates, wolverines…to lions, tigers and bears. His story gained national attention which quickly became a media frenzy! The President of the United States even commented on the story!

Celebrity attorney Johnnie Cockran, sought interest in the case and the battle in the courtroom unfolded. Antoine was charged for reckless endangerment and was incarcerated, at one of America’s most dangerous prisons systems, Riker’s Island. After being released one year later and having lost his family and friends, Antoine was left to face life challenges alone.

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