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  • Best Seller- "I ate my way BACK to Health


What is Health and what does it mean to be healthy? Health means the absence of disease. Disease means the absence of ease. The root meaning of health is wholeness. To be whole is to be complete. Something whole represents perfection and balance. When everything is in balance the magic of wholeness can express it. Healing doesn't begin from the outside, it originates from within. Your body wants to be healthy—It’s your God given right. Let us all get healthy...and stay healthy! Remember this, "Getting old doesn't make you sick, it's getting sick that makes you old."

"The author's ability to leap over complicated jargon and reduce complex theories to simple practical health principles that the least among us can understand is amazing. This book will possibly become a classic in this and the next generation."

Dr. Myles E. Munroe (BFM INTL.)

And God Said, "Behold, I Have Given You Every Herb Bearing Seed Which Is Upon The Face Of All The Earth And Every Tree In Which Is The Fruit Of A Tree Yielding Seed, To You It Shall Be As Food."

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