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Holistic Healing Through Healthy Eating! Jamie Morgan Brown Talks With Dr. Sheba Holly!

Jamie Morgan Brown Ate His Way Back to Health! So Can You! Several years ago, Jamie had undergone Brain surgery to remove a rare tumor. He experienced blindness and had an outer body experience. The story to his recovery is inspirational and motivational. Today, he is healthier than ever!

His book, “I ate my way BACK to HEALTH…So Can You,” is a compelling story about one man’s struggle to survive in a world of uncertainties. “I was alone and afraid. I became so depressed that I planned my own funeral.” Attending Physician Neurosurgeon Sanjay Gupta MD, along with a skilled team of medical doctors, successfully put him back on the road to recovery.

Welcome to J Morgan Bey's source of information,"Nutrition Everything, Hip Hop, Urban Culture & Otherwise." My primary focus is to get you healthy! I'll educate and inform you about the foods you like to eat--that's silently killing you without you even knowing. Do you know eating Process Foods contributes to cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc? Do you know that your food influences your mood and behavior? Most of you who are reading this has a family member or friend who suffers from a CURABLE disease; alcohol, drugs, heart disease, cancer, Hiv/Aids, diabetes, cancer, etc. I'm a living witness who believes that all disease can be cured through proper nutrition. I lived through a brain tumor but restored my health with Nutrition. Let me help you get healthy and stay healthy! Remember this: "Getting old doesn't make you sick. Getting sick makes you old."

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